Wills and Estate Planning

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Preserve Your Family’s Wealth for Future Generations

Whether you’re planning the parameters of your future medical care or establishing support for loved ones upon your death, Legacy Law Solutions can help with all aspects of your estate plan, including:

• Last Will & Testament
• Trust Documents
• Advance Directives such as Durable Power of Attorney for Health Care and Living Wills
• Power of Attorney for Financial Care
• Guardianships
• Estate tax issues

Estate planning documents are extremely flexible and designed to fit your unique needs. I work closely with you to tackle your goals with precise instruments to execute your intentions.

Gayle Goldsmith

Powers of Attorney that Fit Your Loved One’s Needs

Powers of attorney are documents that convey legal authority to act in the name of another person for his or her health and welfare. A power of attorney can grant broad authority or be very limited in scope. I help you prepare for contingencies based on the specific circumstances surrounding you and your loved one. However, generally speaking, powers of attorney address three main areas of concern:

Financial management

When your loved one is incapacitated, bills and taxes still come due. Your loved one may have financial assets, such as stocks, stock options, bonds, or royalties, which require oversight. Having the authority to manage your loved one’s finances, if necessary, provides greater financial security. Older adults who are forgetful or susceptible to phone scams can also benefit from a loved one overseeing their bank accounts.

Representation for legal and business matters

Small business owners and individuals involved in litigation are faced with numerous choices. These decisions, which must often be made on a daily basis, can have serious consequences. Even if your loved one is not ready to step away from day-to-day management of business and legal matters, executing power of attorney is a prudent contingency plan.

Authority to make medical decisions

When a medical crisis strikes, many families are unsure about the extent of lifesaving treatment the injured or ill person would have wanted. Every adult should have a medical directive explaining their wishes clearly and specifying someone to carry out their desires when they can’t communicate.

Goldsmith Tuch Law works closely with you and your loved one to evaluate each area where power of attorney is advisable, to provide you with comprehensive coverage for any foreseeable emergency.

Sensitive counsel experienced with reluctant seniors

It can be difficult to talk to a senior loved one about the need for power of attorney documents. Many are loathe to admit they may need assistance, especially from their children, and are uncomfortable even considering a reversal of roles which puts them under their children’s authority. I am very familiar with this dynamic, and can advise you on effective ways to broach the subject with your elder loved ones.

Protect your loved ones with powers of attorney

A loved one’s illness, injury or infirmity can leave them vulnerable to financial losses and serious threats to their health. A power of attorney can give you and your loved one greater peace of mind. In the event that you need me to visit you or your loved one in the hospital or at home, Gayle Tuch will make that work too. 

Draft your Last Will & Testament and your advance directives

A will is essential at every stage of your life. Your advance directives (Durable Power of Attorney and Living Will) sets the parameters for medical intervention should you become unable to communicate your medical needs. This assures that when you are most vulnerable, your wishes will be honored.

Your last will provides the opportunity to distribute your property, establish care for your children and otherwise express your wishes upon your death.

A will is necessary if you intend to leave property to a person or entity other than a blood relative, such as a domestic partner, a friend or a charity. 

If you die without a will, the court determines how your property is distributed, who cares for your children and even what happens to your pet – making decisions that might not reflect your desires. I draft wills that ensure your intentions are honored.

Securing your legacy

You’ve put your whole life into your family, so knowing you’ve secured their long-term welfare and financial security can put your mind you at ease. I thoroughly analyze your estate and strategize the best means of transferring your assets, minimizing taxes, establishing guardianship for your children, caring for your pets, supporting personal philanthropic causes and protecting your loved ones.

Changing your will

As your life changes, so must your estate plan. You must update your will periodically throughout your life. I draft new wills or valid codicils that address changes in your financial situation, marital status, number of children, philanthropic interests and general lifestyle decisions.

Appointment of guardians

If you have minor children, your will allows you to make decisions about their future care. Naming a guardian is especially important if you are a single parent, but even married couples must consider the remote possibility of perishing in a common incident. If you do not name a guardian, the court will need to appoint one.

Sometimes, family members fight over who will care for the children and the assets in your estate that are needed to raise the children.

Their decisions may be in conflict with your parenting goals and the judge will appoint the individual that they see as most fit. You can also make arrangements for your pets’ care in your will, even naming a guardian to assume ownership.

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